PLANNING BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF TETERBORO COUNTY OF BERGEN NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF JUNE 9, 2020 NEW LOCATION. Services Inc - 03-2020.05.26 - DJZ1 Site Plan Set - Rev 2.pdf Services Inc - 02-2020.05.27 - DJZ1 Teterboro - Response letter.pdf Services Inc - 01-2020.05.27 - DJZ1 Submission Transmittal.pdf

The Planning Board had scheduled a regular meeting on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. in the Chambers of the Municipal Building located at 510 Route 46 West, Teterboro, New Jersey 07608. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE MEETING WILL NOW BE HELD ON JUNE 9, 2020 AT 6:30 P.M. VIA ZOOM WEB CONFERENCE CALL IN ORDER TO ABIDE BY STATEWIDE SOCIALDISTANCING REQUIREMENTS DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT the Chambers of the Municipal Building located at 510 Route 46 West, Teterboro, New Jersey 07608 WILL NOT BE OPEN OR UTLIZED FOR THE PLANNING BOARD MEETING ON JUNE 9, 2020.

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE JUNE 9, 2020 PLANNING BOARD MEETING VIA ZOOM WEB CONFERENCE, AT THE MEETING TIME, YOU MAY JOIN VIA ZOOM APPLICATION or BROWSER AT ZOOM.COM.  MEETING ID: 881 4776 9039 AND THE MEETING PASSWORD: 944449.You may also access the meeting by telephone by calling 646 876 9923 or by going to the Zoom meeting website to find your local number: Join Zoom Meeting   Password: 944449 

THE MATTERS ON THE AGENDA, TO THE EXTENT PRESENTLY KNOWN, WILL INCLUDE: Continuation of Public Hearing on application for Block 306, Lot 3, 125 North Street; Application of Services, Inc for Use Variance and Site Plan Approval for the use of premises as and for an Amazon Delivery Station for the warehousing and delivery of consumer products. Plans and or documents pertaining to the application may be accessed by the public at the website of the Borough of Teterboro. For particular problems pertaining to the application or access thereto, please call the Planning Board Secretary, Susan Krause, at 201-288-7204. THE AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO AMENDMENT. FORMAL ACTION MAY BE TAKEN ON THE MATTERS ON THE AGENDA OR WHICH MAY PROPERLY BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE BOARD FOR ITS CONSIDERATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH LAW.